10 Ecommerce Tips for 2018

  1. GDPR is coming into effect in May 2018. Be prepared and do not ignore this. Seriously it has the power to disrupt your business .
  2. Make sure personal information on your ecommerce website is not searchable by search engines. See this Protecting Sensitive Data from Search Engines an excellent read
  3. If you are concentrating on SEO this year follow these 10 tips. ( 10 top ranking tips for 2018 ) nice clean concise no nonsense advice.
  4. Clean up your duplicate data across your site.
  5. Clean up your duplicate URLS.
  6. Your customers are the reason you are in business, be kind and useful to them.
  7. Run a customer satisfaction survey.
  8. Improve and Refine your sites User Experience based on your customers feedback.
  9. Do not engage in special offers and promotions that are covertly tricks, this damages your brand and cheeses off your existing customers.
  10. Do not spam your customers every day with offers. Less emails more carefully crafted and targeted.


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