Best SEO ecommerce platforms

Choosing the best SEO ecommerce platforms is a good place to start. There are a few good reasons for making the SEO element weigh heavily in your choice.

“If you are no 1 for a search term in google organic search, it is going to be worth millions to you”.

You have to make sure you cover off the following functionality at a minimum. Some platforms will have this as default others offer it as an adddon option.

What you need for good ecommerce SEO :

1. 301 redirects for when you bring in replacement skus and dont want to loose the ranking of the old sku. This carries over the ranking of the old sku to the new sku preserving all your had work.[bctt tweet=” Not keeping track of your 404’s and redirecting to 301’s ? you are throwing away your ranking.” username=”@willows-web”]

2. Search Engine friendly ( SEF ) links ( URLS ). Not a huge factor in ranking well but it does make it easier to share your product online. The URLS are more readible to the human eye.

3. Canonical links, this is where the same product in 3 categories will only be listed in the google index 1 time and you will not get penalised for duplicating content on your own site. Hugely important. Possibly the single biggest failing on all the ecommerce products that did not make out list.

4. 404 error tracking. You need to keep a track of the pages that are being linked to on your site and be able to redirect your visitors to a new page. Same as point 1 but you need to think of how you are going to handle those 404’s to the customer.

5. Rich Snippet or Open Schema data. ( see our post on how Google Product Schema works ) This is where your data is in a format that google can show ratings, prices and other product information in the search results before the customer visits your page

6. Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP )  support ( see our post  AMP Pages for ecommerce ). Google is concentrating on mobile search , this optimises your site for excellent mobile search rendering, while it does strip out some of the design element it gets your visitor straight to the content

7. Speed. How fast your site renders depends on 3 items. Hosting quality. Speed of the platform. Speed of external plugins.  The hosting is like the road and the platform is like the car. No use in trying to make a heavy car go fast on a smooth road. No use in making a sports car go fast on a bumpy road.

[bctt tweet=”For ecommerce to survive you need a sports car ecommerce platform on motorway quality hosting.” username=”@willows_web”]

Conclusion : Best SEO Structured Ecommerce Platforms

The Best Ecommerce Platforms for SEO performance we have researched the following opensource platforms and listed them in order first to last.

  1. WooCommerce ( with Yoast )
  2. Prestashop
  3. Opencart ( with addons )
  4. Magento
  5. oscommerce ( with TLC ! but we have seen good results )

Ones that fail, we simply did not list.

Disclaimer :  All the listed platforms will work well for Structured SEO, the comparision is for the way they are out of the box. In the end of the day quality unique well formed content, good links, and good social traffic will generate the best SEO. However if the underlying platform is lacking then you are operating with one hand behind your back.

Addendum :

“Speed is an important ranking factor too”

Test the selected ecommerce’s demo in google page insights ( here ) and also in GTMetrix and compare side by side. Note a demo site maybe optimized to work on the default template but when you apply a new template the Google Insights percentages go south. Its worth testing the templates demo in google page insights too before purchasing. There is always the risk that the template demo has some extra features that speed up their demo that are not included in the sold template. Best to ask questions to the template developer about the performance if it is very high.

See our side by side test of all platforms from their demo sites. These were tested on different servers so the total requests and page size is what we are looking at. Loading times are variant on the server. Later we will compare all these products on the same specified server with the same load to see the real results.


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