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Are Google Lighthouse Dev Tools good ?

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Are Google Lighthouse Dev Tools Good ? What does Google Lighthouse development tools do ?  It tests the given web page under the following headings. It applies a score to each of the areas. Progressive Web App this is where Google Chrome would like you to change the handling of your web page so that

10 Ecommerce Tips for 2018

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GDPR is coming into effect in May 2018. Be prepared and do not ignore this. Seriously it has the power to disrupt your business . Make sure personal information on your ecommerce website is not searchable by search engines. See this Protecting Sensitive Data from Search Engines an excellent read If you are concentrating on

Will implementing Google Page Insights help my SEO ?

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So you have run the Google Page Insights tool on your site and its telling you that "your beautifully crafted design scores 6/100" in Googles Opinion. What to do ? Lots of their suggestions are good advice but I have a bone to pick on some. Content above the fold : In a mobile world

Do Twitter and Facebook feeds on My Website help SEO ?

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We are asked this question "Do Twitter and Facebook feeds help SEO on my website ?" The answer is No but.... 1. Placing the feed on your site slows your site. Speed kills ranking. 2. Updating your social media does help because it is the social media activity you are doing that's helping your SEO?