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How can I lose my business data in e-commerce ?

By | 2018-02-21T14:20:23+00:00 February 1st, 2018|E-Commerce|

Building a business is difficult, giving it away for free is very easy. Many business owners when going online make quick decisions that give their hard-earned business intelligence away. Here we outline 6 mistakes business owners make and unwittingly give away their customer data. Payments 1. Payment Processors only require a credit card number, total

10 Ecommerce Tips for 2018

By | 2018-01-10T17:25:34+00:00 January 4th, 2018|e commerce SEO, E-Commerce|

GDPR is coming into effect in May 2018. Be prepared and do not ignore this. Seriously it has the power to disrupt your business . Make sure personal information on your ecommerce website is not searchable by search engines. See this Protecting Sensitive Data from Search Engines an excellent read If you are concentrating on

Tips on how to build an online hardware store

By | 2017-12-13T22:45:43+00:00 December 13th, 2017|E-Commerce|

7 Tips on how to build an online hardware store. You cannot ship everything. Think about what you can ship. Is it realistic to send a ton of sand 400 miles ? There are some products you will need to list as available in-store only. Cement blocks, sand cut timber are all such items Create

What to look out for when building a Pharmacy Website

By | 2017-12-07T18:57:34+00:00 December 7th, 2017|E-Commerce|

We have built many Pharmacy websites in the past. Here are some pitfalls you can avoid and some tips too. You cannot sell prescription medicines online in or to Ireland. Do not even attempt this. The law forbid it and it is heavily policed. Setting up prescription clubs and other "clever" dodges are not to

7 ecommerce lies busted

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1. Lie : It only takes a few minutes to create a product and start selling it online.  Fact : to create presentable content and product online takes time. There are no automated tools or shortcuts. Professional photography and perfect content writing take time. Allow 1.5 hours per product. To create engaging good quality and

What ecommerce conferences should you attend ?

By | 2017-07-14T14:36:34+00:00 March 30th, 2017|E-Commerce|

To keep up with developments and provide our clients with the latest ecommerce developments we keep going to ecommerce shows around the world. Some are good, and some are plain terrible. You never know until you attend a show of it is good or bad.  The issue is:  do I attend a conference/exhibition that is

Jewellery Website Design, pitfalls to avoid

By | 2017-03-20T16:35:40+00:00 March 20th, 2017|E-Commerce|

We have been designing Jewellery Websites since 2002. When designing and deploying an ecommerce stores for jewellery you have to take into account a number of important factors. Is it Jewelry or Jewellery ? How is jewellery spelt in the location you are selling into. Is it Jewelry or Jewellery ? If you are a

Google Image Search product schema markup how to insert.

By | 2016-12-15T10:55:51+00:00 December 15th, 2016|E-Commerce|

Google image search is now annotating the search with price and product rating information on mobile devices. It means product search on mobile will appear like this. This has huge benefits as it means there are fewer clicks to the product and it's quicker to select a product. However, the information is limited it provides