Do Twitter and Facebook feeds on My Website help SEO ?

We are asked this question “Do Twitter and Facebook feeds help SEO on my website ?”

The answer is No but….

1. Placing the feed on your site slows your site. Speed kills ranking.

2. Updating your social media does help because it is the social media activity you are doing that’s helping your SEO? Search engines are picking upon social signals.

What can you do :  We would suggest putting buttons/links to your social media via buttons only pages. Make your content easy to link and share. Encorage lots of comments, links and shares and engage with your customers this way.


Using Tweetable Phrases on your page is a much better idea.

Social Media feeds on web pages are so 2016 !



Social Media Feeds on websites kill speed and are bad for SEO.

Social Media activity linked back to your website is good for SEO.

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