Ecommerce for wholesalers

Ecommerce website design for wholesaler and distribution companies.
Most wholesale distribution companies view ecommerce as something their customers do and that it has no place with them. Because their transactions are bigger its easy to ignore ecommerce and think its not for them. However those wholesalers who ignore ecommerce miss out.

Think of when your client is able to order from you. Can they order when you are closed ? Can they self-serve with reprints of invoices and statements. Do you make your clients lives easy in providing these services or do you require them to call you every time.

Recent surveys are showing that only 10% of wholesalers have ecommerce in place. This means there is a huge opportunity for the early adapters who will can still be ahead of their competition. In the future wholesalers who did not implement ecommerce will identify this as a major source of a drop is sales.

Not only is ecommerce making your customers lives easy, it allows you to free up more staff to get involved in recuit more customers and ultimately sell more product.
We also cover subject in more details on our page on B2B Ecommerce.

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