Jewellery Website Design, pitfalls to avoid

We have been designing Jewellery Websites since 2002. When designing and deploying an ecommerce stores for jewellery you have to take into account a number of important factors.

Is it Jewelry or Jewellery ?

How is jewellery spelt in the location you are selling into. Is it Jewelry or Jewellery ? If you are a US based site it is Jewelry and if you are a UK english based site its jewellery. This is a really important consideration from an SEO point of view. Use the wrong one and your SEO efforts will be wasted.

The presentation of your product is king. It is a beautiful product and must be displayed as such. People buying jewellery are buying a luxury and in doing so they expect a beautiful presentation of the product and well laid out content.

Product display and variants ?

Rings are a complex product to display in a concise way on any eCommerce platform. Consider the dimensions of the products. A good example is; Metal type x ring size x stone x setting. This would be an example of a Ladies ring that comes in 9ct gold, 18ct gold, and platinum, with different coloured birth stones, with different settings. This can be 20 sizes x 3 metal types x 12 stones x 3 settings, a total of 2160 variants on each ring !

This is why you never engage an eCommerce designer who has not developed a Jewellery ecommerce website before. They will fail on the options and measurements and not know how to build for this. You will be left empty handed after they take a few months to figure out they cannot do it !

What is the measurement standard ?

Gold is listed differently in the US. Also, you need to give information on hallmarks as these are the bone fides verification that the product you are selling is actually gold and not brass.

Ring Sizes scales are different around the world so these need to be explained to customers online. You need to show comparitive measurements.

Payments and fraud . 

Payments and fraud screening are vital to the deployment of a jewellery store online. Because the product is small, valuable and easy to pass on/resell it attracts a lot of fraud. There are systems where you can get the shoppers address and other details checked against fraud databases in real time during a transaction.  Security on the website has to be top notch so as to deter fraudsters and hackers. A cheaply put together website is a liability. Cheap production put on an overloaded and un-patched server is like leaving your high street store un-attended. You may have to pay a security deposit to your card processor to cover excessive fraud.


Shipping :  Always used tracked, signed for and tracked and traceable delivery. This helps if there is a charge-back disputing delivery. Always use a well known shipping comapny with full tracking. Package product so that it is not obvious that it is jewellery from the outside of the shipping packet.

Linking with other systems 

Linking into your POS may be worth considering especially if you want to sync prices in-store with the website automatically. We have linked with vendHQ and Bradstone for e-commerce jewellery sites.

What is the size of the online jewellery market ?

according to Indian Express the market is worth up to $3.6 billion in India alone.

In 2016 the world wide online jewellery market is worth $70 billion according to an article in the huffington post.   Thats a lot of jewellery about 3 million lbs !!!


eCommerce Jewellery Stores we have recently created.



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