What to look out for when building a Pharmacy Website

We have built many Pharmacy websites in the past. Here are some pitfalls you can avoid and some tips too.

You cannot sell prescription medicines online in or to Ireland. Do not even attempt this. The law forbid it and it is heavily policed. Setting up prescription clubs and other “clever” dodges are not to be recommended. If you are found selling prescribed online its fines and jail. There are products you may not sell online.

If you are selling over the counter medicine like pain killers you must be registered with the Pharamacy Regulator. The same rules apply in the quantities that are sold over the counter and online. Over the counter Medicines attract fraud.

Be on the watch out for fraud all the time. See our post on how to avoid ecommerce fraud.

You must be able to show you are monitoring and preventing customers from ordering conflicting products that would put their life in danger. Your ecommerce platform requires this functionality. Before going live, test if its possible to order conflicting product.

For over 18’s products you must have a proof of age at the checkout to sell these products.

If you are in the “adult product” you need to make sure your payment provider will process payments for these products.

All sales and details of customers have to be logged and stored safely for GDPR compliancy. E commerce GDPR is very important because the product a customer purchases may reveal more information about their health and lifestyle.

Don’t list all 10,000 skus you stock online. List the products you are competitive on price and the top sellers.

Consider pushing your product into price comparison sites if you are cheapest.

Use customer reviews and seek them.

Some cosmetic companies want their product presented a certain way online and using their descriptions. Make sure you have these all in place before you are asked to take the product down after crafting unique content for them.

Make sure you have permission to sell the product outside of Ireland and that export licenses are not required to ship. All shipments should be tracked and traced.

Tip : For beauty products use Social Media to promote your site and your store.

Use clean friendly design ideas with lots of people in the layout to make it look more personal.

If you are looking to build a pharmacy store please consider our experience in this field.


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