SEO Localisation Myths Busted

In the past when you were building international sites, web masters are told a lot of wrong information.

  1. If you have a site for the US and one for the UK you do not need to make the content unique between the 2.
    1. Specify in google webmaster tools what domain is for what country
    2. Unless terminology is different there is no need to make unique content. E.G Muffler in the US, Silencer in the UK.
    3. No need to disallow duplicate content on different sites serving different sets of users in different countries.
  2. Language Settings
    1. Make sure you use the correct hreflang setting on your site.
  3. Geotargeting Settings
    1. Do not set the geotargeting setting if your site has a worldwide reach
    2. Do set if your site is only for 1 country only
  4. Sub domains with generic Top Level Domains
    1. is as good as
    2. allows for different server locations.
    3. yes you can run all off the 1 server

In case you think we are talking junk, please see the references below from Googles instructions on GeoTargeting.

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